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Mountain West Football Saturday Comments

I just wanted you guys to know that I had the opportunity to watch the entire hour of Mountain West Football Saturday today and was very impressed with your show.  It was informative, entertaining and covered storylines of interest to college football fans here in the area  which ESPN ignores. The expert knowledge and insight provided by your 3 analysts in the studion today was truly superior to anything I've seen on other networks. You guys successfully tackled every major  issue facing college football today and provided a Mountain West Conference  perspective...which is important to a San Diego State fan like myself.

The diverse opinions offered by your analysyts on controversial issues made for a lively discussion and was quite entertaining for a change. Every segment of the show was intriguing and for the first time in recent memory, I didn't watch College Gameday. I was actually tuned to the Mountain all morning!!! I was dancing in my living room when you played Earth Wind and Fire !!!! That's seriously the first good song I've heard on your network!!! In the past, I have been very critical of your shows being short on content and dominated by incessant analysis. I still think that it is important to capture the sights and sounds of college football.

Today, however, I felt that your show contained the perfect balance and I feel that you should be commended on a comprehensive production. And give us some more upbeat, R & B, house or dance grooves instead of that other noise you guys play. You can never go wrong with Earth , Wind and Fire!!!!