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Misinformed/Uninformed Fans

I just wanted to comment on the current MWC TV situation and what seems to me as communication problem [sic]. I live in DC and can watch almost every CSU home game and a lot of basketball games. I live in an apartment that doesnít have a balcony so I canít get DirecTV in my home but I have a friendly bar right down the street that I can go to on any given day and get CSU athletics on the tube. I would love to have it in my home but otherwise this situation is awesome. My concern is, that this is all going to go away at some point because some people just donít understand that The Mtn. is available ďoutside the footprint.Ē
Iím a member of and post on the message board there frequently. It AMAZES me at the number of CSU and MWC fans that simply do not know that The Mtn. is available NATIONALLY on DirecTV (a BYU just came on Ramnation yesterday and mentioned that he cannot get The Mtn. because heís outside a footprint). They think itís only available in the footprint. So, they assume that since they canít get it in the footprint, they canít get it. Is there any way that CSU, the MWC or The Mtn. could do some kind of campaign to get the work out that The Mtn. is available nationally on DirecTV? It just seems that people are uninformed.
One more question, is there any update on adding The Mtn. to the national Comcast sports package or on Dish Network? Seems like those are the last couple obstacles to really getting this out there.
- Nathan R.