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Mtn. Challenge Hits the Road

The Mountain Skills Challenge offers fans a chance to compete against their rival schools in a series of football related challenges for a chance to win a 42 HDTV!

Fans participate in a series of four skills-Touchdown Pass, Field Goal Kick, High step Hurdle and Defender Dodge. The contestant who completes the four skills in the shortest amount of time wins. Each participating contestant receives a free gift courtesy of The Mtn. The winner will receive a 42" HDTV and the runner-up will receive a 32" HDTV.

Here is the Mtn Challenge On the Road schedule:

8/17 BYU Reggie Lewis: 11.0s
9/2 Utah Austin Wolford: 10.47s
9/25 New Mexico vs. UNLV
Ati Poni: 11.40s
11/6 Colorado State vs. SDSU

Check back to see weekly winners names and times.