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Our Mascot Sadie - The Mtn's Greatest Fan!

Introducing Sadie! Our network mascot. Already the star of a series of television commercials and print ads for The Mtn., Sadie has made many live appearances around the Mountain West Conference at Pep Rallies and other live sporting events.

Sadie is a Border Collie residing in the Denver metro area. She is pretty much your run-of-the-mill dog, aside from her avid love of sports! Football? Basketball? Hockey? Doesn't matter. As long as there is action and it's on The Mtn., Sadie's a fan.

With her enthusiasm for sports, Sadie was an obvious choice for the network's mascot. As a Border Collie, she embodies the loyalty and commitment of Mountain West Conference fans around the country.

Take a look at Sadie's photo gallery and see her in action at sporting events from Colorado to Utah to Wyoming.

For more information on what Sadie's up to; check out her Facebook page!