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What are they saying?

Andrea Lloyd Is Best Kept Secret On Sports TV
Having watched another season of basketball on "The Mtn" ...
I Love The Mtn.
I have been watching since the beginning...
Switched providers to get your channel
I finally switched from Dish to DIRECTV to get your channel.
Terrific Show
I'm watching the Chad Hennings Legends show on your network...
Appreciate Your Network
Appreciate your network as with a lot of fans in the west I'm sick of the ESPN east coast bias.
I Love Your Station
As a die hard Air Force Falcon, it is an absolute blessing to have The Mtn.
Great Offseason Programming
We love the MTN network and watch it as much as possible...
"Fan"tastic Job
I will be watching all the games... Good job Mtn!
Better Than ESPN
Andrea Lloyd may be the best kept secret in basketball broadcasting
Great Coverage of the MWC
Great coverage of a spread out conference.
Informative, Professional Coverage
Thank you for the Mountain West Sports Network!
Satisfied Subscriber
We have enjoyed subscribing to TheMtn and getting to know all of you.
The Best Way to Follow the MWC! -Kevin O'Connell
The Mtn is the perfect platform for fans around the country to recognize the achievements made in the MountainWest Conference
Phi Highya-Flyya
Hello to all the folks on the Mount [slc]. I live in Houston and I've just watched a San Diego State game. Those guys are impressive.
Mountain West Football Saturday Comments
I just wanted you guys to know that I had the opportunity to watch the entire hour of Mountain West Football Saturday today and was very impressed with your show.
ALL-22 Is Alright!
Just wanted to say I love the new show All 22. Besides games and Press Conferences, best show on the channel.
An Impressed Viewer
I am writing to commend you for the improvements I have seen in your coverage. I just returned home from the hospital and some surgery and watched today's BYU coverage.
Quality Original Programming
I wanted to compliment you on a very complete and entertaining report on the Maloof family.
Excellent Source for Breaking News
The Mtn. has been superb all along in providing breaking news live feeds of press conferences, from defiant fired coaches to bubbling newly-hired coaches...
Misinformed/Uninformed Fans
I just wanted to comment on the current MWC TV situation and what seems to me as communication problem [sic]. I live in DC and can watch almost every CSU home game and a lot of basketball games.
Impressive Performance
The Mtn. took advantage Saturday of its largest broadcasting stage in the network's six-year history, turning in a professional telecast.
8:00 pm Top 20 Mtn. Moments
Best Moments of the past 6 years
9:00 pm 6 in 60 - Football Retrospective
Look back at the last 6 years of MW Football
10:00 pm 6 in 60 - Basketball Retrospective
Look back at the last 6 years of MW Basketball
11:00 pm Top 20 Mtn. Moments
Best Moments of the past 6 years
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